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Friday, 11-06-2015

Stills & Partners Featured

Spaced Productions relaunches its website with an actual working interface!!  So wander on over to to see what has changed. One new thing I'de like to share with you all is a photography exhibition, compiled from B&W photos taken over the past few years with the Digital Harinezumi Toy Camera.…
Saturday, 07-11-2015

And We're Off

Freya and I are off to Europe.  Starting in Istanbul with 2 bicycles, a tent, and our instruments, we are pedalling our way through some South Eastern countries in Europe such as Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, and more. Not sure what we hope to achieve on our journey West,…
Friday, 07-10-2015


I had an image once, of a big showdown, empty car rolling away, big explosion in the distance, the depiction of time in nature, and a death of a silent man.  Transfixed on these images, and with the purchase of a Japanese toy camera called the Harinezumi, I embarked on…
Monday, 07-06-2015


This is when it starts.  July 2015!! **Que intro music to 2001: a space odyssey** An exciting time for me as Spaced Productions finally launches for the eyes and ears of friends and the general public.  It has been a long time coming, starting with the lust for creative freedom and personal development, 2…