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Beggar Wild

Debut Album 'No Chorus, Love & the Cookies'
Brings you Dramatic & Hypnotic Folk Ballads



Captivating B & W Photos
Descriptive of Forms and Fascinations


a Hatchet

Dive into the Mysteries of Tasmania's Wilderness
with This Twisted and Enchanting Film



  • Stills & Partners
    Spaced Productions relaunches its website with an actual working interface!!  So wander on over to to see what has changed. One new thing I'de like to share with you all is a photography exhibition, compiled from B&W photos taken over the past few years with the Digital Harinezumi Toy Camera.  I really enjoyed taking these stills and am happy to share them with you all now.  You can check them out here @ Photography on the new site.  I will be offering the stills as a print at somepoint, with options such as frames and quotes.  If this interests you, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We also started gathering partners, to share our space with like minded individuals doing some really interesting things.  We have done some work with Harry Edwards @ Study Gypsy Jazz and Michael Herman @ Ad Hoc Films and are happy to add them to our growing community of people and projects in the arts. Harry has some great instructional videos on learning gypsy jazz guitar and Michael is wicked on a camera, so check out their sites to see if they can help you.  And if you are interested in joining this community, email me to become a partner, and extend your reach for your projects and ideas. Enjoy the new offerings and look forward to delivering some more content soon.
    November, 06, 2015


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We are interested in connecting with people carrying out projects of their own. Listed below are some of these projects, people, and companies we have worked with and been inspired by to share with you. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, we encourage you to join the community. So please contact us with your projects and ideas.

  • adhoc

    Creating Powerful Stories Through Video


  • Study Gypsy Jazz

    Quality Online Gypsy Jazz Guitar Tuition